City of Anniston Video Competition
Submission and Release Forms

In order for your film to be accepted into the video competition, you must include a Submission Form. Also, we require that have everyone involved in your film sign a Release Form whether it's your mother walking onto the screen and saying one line, or using a business location. You do not need to submit your Release Forms unless we request them. However, your failure to provide requested Release Forms upon our request will invalidate your entry. The use of Release Forms is a standard practice in the film industry and among independent film makers. It is your tool, which is designed to offer you some level of protection when it comes to potential legal action regarding infingement of the intellectual (or other rights) of others as well as for several other potential risks.

All music used in your film must either be Royalty Free or the musician must sign a release form.

Submission Form: One fully completed submission form must be submitted with the video CD or provided by the submission deadline. Videos for which submission forms are not received will not be reviewed or eligible for the competition.

Release Forms*:

* These release forms are meant to provide the video makers some level of protection against subsequent claims. As a "best practice," you should always obtain the related release forms as quickly as possible when creating a video. We do not require that all your release forms be provided at the time that the video is submitted or by the submission deadlines or award deadlines. However, the required release forms may be requested at any time by buyersUSA Consulting, the competition administrator. Failure to provide requested release forms at any time may invalidate a video submission's eligibility and may invalidate awards.

Make sure you read our guidelines for submission.