City of Anniston Video Competition

The juried criteria will be 1) creativity and 2) the video’s positive portrayal of the City of Anniston.

Potential video makers will be provided with a list of approved ideas. So as not to create a situation where a video is created that is later rejected for not meeting the criteria, an individual or team can have their pitch pre-approved prior to begin production.

Videos may be submitted by individuals or by teams. An individual, who submits one or more videos, may also serve as a team member for another video project. Likewise, any team member for one project may participate with other video making teams. For example, a person may act as the videographer or editor for several videos.

The City of Anniston is defined as the area contained within the city limits and not the police jurisdiction. Video submissions that focus solely on locations or topics outside the city limits but in the police jurisdiction (e.g. Wellborn High School wrestling) will not be accepted.

Submissions will be open to anyone regardless as to whether they reside or work in the City of Anniston. However, special efforts to train and mentor video makers will be confined to Anniston City Schools and the three private schools located within the city limits. More details to come soon.

Videos, including credits, should not be longer than five minutes in length.

All genres will be accepted. Videos may be documentaries, narratives, music videos, animations, fiction, parodies, monologues, stand-up comedy, and about any other format that lends itself to video content that is acceptable to

Videos must comply with Terms and Community Guidelines. Although does accept videos, which will be available if the user turns off the Safety Mode, such videos will not be accepted for this competition.

All videos submitted for this competition must be submitted on a labeled CD-R, DVD-R or Zip drive and in either AVI, MP4. MOV or 3GPP format. We recommend that the submitted videos be shot in the highest definition possible. The video CD or DVD and the required forms may be mailed to City of Storytellers, PO Box 367, Anniston, AL 36202, or delivered in person to Transformation Technologies, 600 Leighton Ave, Suite C, Anniston, AL 36207. All submissions must be received not later than 5 p.m., Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

One Submission form must be submitted along with the video. The videomaker or team leader must make sure that a Release Form is signed by each person involved with the production or seen in the video, as well as for any location and/or music used in the video. Although the Release Forms do not have to be provided when the video is submitted, we reserve the right to request Release Forms as a quality control measure, if a dispute arises, or to validate winners.

Pre-screening: All videos will be promptly pre-screened to make sure that they comply with these guidelines to include the provision of the required Submission Form . Should a video not be accepted for the competition, the individual or team point of contact will be notified by e-mail to correct any deficiency by the video competition submission deadline.

Product placement: We recognize that our city's businesses play a very important role in our community. Therefore, we will allow tastefully included product placement, which include the INCIDENTAL appearance or mention of a product or business in a video. This may even be a great way of thanking a sponsor for financial or other support. We will not accept any video, which apparently has a purpose solely of promoting a commercial product or business. However, a video that documents the altruistic arm of the business (such as how the community is helped by certain outreach programs) will be accepted.