City of Anniston Video Competition
Latest News: 8/26/2014 -- There will be two separate awards events on Thursday, September 18, at the Performing Arts Center at Anniston High School. Student Division at 2 PM and Adult Division 5:30. Thanks to Anniston High School and Anniston City Schools for sponsoring these events.

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You are a storyteller! So, tell the story of Anniston, make a difference, and compete for prizes!

Ever wanted to make a short film? A documentary, a fictional short, a music video, a monologue?

The City of Anniston is offering CASH prizes for videos featuring the great things about Anniston. We want to energize our community through art and swamp YouTube with the amazing and wonderful things about Anniston. To find more about how this project can make a difference, watch a

six minute video

Feature some of the great locations within the city limits in your short video, focus in on some of the amazing history, shoot your band playing in the median on Quintard, set the story of an action short on the premises of a local business, follow an unsung local hero around as he or she makes a difference.

The creative ways to feature Anniston are ENDLESS!

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We have compiled a list of over 100 positive things you may choose from to feature. If we've left something out, just submit your short film idea for approval.

Submissions open January 16 and close April 30, 2014. Then the fun starts. Between May 1 and May 31, 2014, films will be watched and evaluated by judges and by the public. There will be judged winners AND popular winners! You will have two opportunities to win a Grand Prize. But don't wait around - start planning your short film NOW!

$4,000 in Prize Money!

You do not have to live inside the city limits in order to submit a video. However, the video MUST feature (either as a location or subject matter) one of the approved Anniston topics or locations (or submit your suggestion for approval).

There is NO ENTRY FEE!

You can enter as many videos as you wish! You may submit a video as an individual or as a team. And, if you are on one team, you can be on others as well. Videos will be judged on creativity and how well they tell the positive story of Anniston. Production cost will not be judged. So whether you are filming on a phone or on a great camera, your "story" is the most important thing! Please read complete rules and submission guidelines here.

City of Storytellers Video Competition Timeline


High school and below:

  Juried Popular Vote
1st Place $750 $500
2nd Place $300 $250
3rd Place $100 $100

College and adult:

  Juried Popular Vote
1st Place $750 $500
2nd Place $300 $250
3rd Place $100 $100