Video Competition Subjects:

If you have suggestions for topics to be included, please Contact Us. We will be adding to this list as we get more feedback and suggestions from the local residents.

Make sure you read our submission guidelines prior to starting your video project. We highly suggest that you use or base your concept on an idea that we have approved. If you have a video idea based on something that is not on this list, you can request the pre-approval of your "pitch" by contacting us. We want to help you avoid situations where you put a lot of work into a video project that does not qualify to be accepted.

Length should be no more than 5 minutes (including credits -- if any are shown).

Examples of how you can use these topics.


Get with a local band or musician. Choose one of their original songs.

Shoot the band members around town - in Zinn Park, with the statue of Sam Noble etc. They should be lip syncing to the final recording of the song.

This is a great example (shot on an iPhone) of a music video that shows off locations. It's in Korean, but don't let that stop you from getting ideas!


You take an local charity organization such as BLESSING IN A BACKPACK which provides local kids with a backpack of food on a Friday afternoon.

You write a FICTIONAL story about a young kid who is hungry on weekends...what he does to try to scrounge a meal from neighbors and strangers...then tie it together with how BLESSINGS IN A BACKPACK helps.



Find an interesting subject - an artist, a person who works in a charity such as an animal rescue group, the food kitchen, a coach who's turned around a team. Think about what would make this interesting to watch.

You will have to spend quite a few hours getting enough footage to tell your story.

Here is an example of a documentary about a coach: POLE VAULT COACH.


Write a short story that shows all the cool places in Anniston. The story doesn't have to be about Anniston, but just showcase locations. Here are some really great short films that show examples of this:

LOVE SICK (watch on YouTube)

PENNY SKATEBOARDS (watch on YouTube)


Anniston City: TOPICS and LOCATIONS

Even though we are listing these locations as "approved" for the film competition, you will still need to get permission to use each location. If you need help with obtaining releases or permission, contact us.

Sports teams at schools in Anniston city limits
Individual sports heroes, coaches, people with disabilities etc.
History of the various sports teams and coaches in Anniston
Public Library of Anniston - Calhoun County
Aquatic Center
The unique murals in Anniston (make sure that you get a signed release from the artist before showing a mural in your video)
Watching an artist create a mural
Including murals in a fictional story
Anniston visual artists
Anniston dancers
Knox Concert Series
Anniston’s religious heritage
Famous Anniston churches
Ghosts and the supernatural in Anniston
History of Anniston radio stations
History of newspapers in Anniston
Our community’s diversity
Anniston teachers who made/make a difference
My favorite memory growing up in Anniston
How my life changed while living in Anniston
The day in the life of an Anniston teenager
Anniston medical doctors who save lives
The Anniston medical facilities
Stories about Anniston veterinarians
Yoga in Anniston
Community theater in Anniston (CAST)
McClellan amphitheater
Pet adoption in Anniston
Trees on Quintard Ave
If Sam Noble is on Quintard, why isn’t Rev. Quintard’s statue on Noble Street?
Music at McClellan
The beauty of McClellan
History of the US Army in Anniston
Anniston’s famous cyclists
Birds native to the Anniston area
Anniston’s numerous parks
Famous military heroes from Anniston
The Calhoun County Courthouse (in Anniston)
Anniston’s night life
Life as a pet dog in Anniston (If I came back as a dog, why would I want to live in Anniston.)
Why other cities “can’t compete with Anniston?”
Office dogs in Anniston
Musicians in Anniston
Athletic accomplishments
Local people who make a difference
Unique stores
Unique restaurants
Unique architecture
Famous people from the city
History of different communities / wards
People who make their communities / wards unique
Opportunities available in Anniston
Places to take a date (or wife for a special evening) in Anniston
Places to meet singles in Anniston
Family values in Anniston (a great place to raise a family)
The most important thing that I learned growing up (going to school) in Anniston
Why I live in Anniston
The history of the railroad in Anniston
Unique artists and crafts
History of the city
People who have made a difference in the lives of others
The unrecognized leaders in our community
The contributions of our civic clubs; projects that make a difference
Charities that make a difference in our community
Stories about pets in our community
My first impression of Anniston
Why I decided to live in Anniston after just one visit
10 things you can’t do in Anniston and 10 things you can
My bucket list of things to do in Anniston
Why relocate your business to Anniston
Vaudeville in Anniston
Solutions for harmony, forgiveness, and reconciliation
People who have had an impact on your life
Heroes in our public service (police and fire department)
What can kids do in Anniston
Our typical short commute to work
Our world class museums: Berman
Our world class museums: Natural History
The history of the Jewish community in Anniston.
The history of the Muslim community in Anniston.
The history of the Hispanic community in Anniston
The history of the Asian community in Anniston
The contributions of other foreign immigrants who choose to live in Anniston
The Anniston 10 years from now (Have a vision!!!!)
Falling in love in Anniston
When …, you know you’re from Anniston. (When the preacher on Sunday starts his sermon by yelling “Roll Tide” [“War Eagle”], you know you’re from Anniston. When you enjoy your grits while reading Shakespeare and watching NASCAR, you know you’re from Anniston. When you can show your kids Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs before going to eat pond-raised catfish or bar-B-Q on Saturday, you know you’re from Anniston. When Gospel is something you sing and not just read, you known you’re from Anniston. When you ask for time off from work to go visit your best friend’s sister’s cousin at RMC, you know you’re from Anniston. When you can drive home from work before you finish even half of your Coca-Cola, you know you’re from Anniston. When your church postpones its service to Sunday so that it doesn’t compete with college football, you know you’re from Anniston. When your neighbor brings you a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup when you’ve got a cold, you know you’re from Anniston.)


Videos shot in Anniston could be of the following genre (but not limited to):
Music Videos (country, R&B, Rap, etc); videos of musicians playing in recognizable Anniston venues
Narrative drama - a short story that incorporates landmarks, institutions etc.
Comedy – Narrative, stand up, animation etc.
Action – Both Documentary and Narrative
3-minute monologues (mentioning something favorable about Anniston)
Parodies (nicely done) about notable people